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Hair Extension Info/Care/FAQ

Extension Care


Once your tape hair extensions have been applied do not shampoo your hair for 48 hours. This will give enough time for the bond to adhere and ensure that your extensions will not slip out prematurely. Prior to sleeping, pull your hair back into a soft ponytail/bun or plait to prevent matting at the roots. If you experience slippage or any discomfort, contact us to determine the cause & remedy for the situation. The first few nights you may feel slight discomfort.


Brush hair minimum twice a day with a hair extensions brush recommend by your stylist. Do not use hard brush strokes. Separate your hair into 3 sections using your fingers and slowly brush close to the scalp to the ends. Do not use a hard bristled brush or fine tooth comb it will cause extensions to slip out. Use an extension brush to gently remove tangles from mid-strands to hair ends. Do not use a comb near the scalp area and the hair extensions.


Use only shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. Always brush your hair before getting it wet. This helps prevent any further knots that might occur when its being washed. It will be a little bit more difficult to wash but try to use your fingers in an up and down motion and side to side rather than circular. Always use a ‘leave in’ product after shampooing and conditioning.


Curling irons, straighteners, and hot rollers may be used on your hair extensions, but keep them at least 3cm to 4cm away from the hair bond. Never use a hair dryer on high heat close to your scalp.


  • Wait 48 hours to wash once applied
  • Brush minimum twice daily with recommended brush
  • Only use salon shampoos, conditioner and treatments
  • Once a week apply a treatment
  • Plait or low pony tail before bed
  • Brush & Plait hair if you swim (try and keep to minimum). Before swimming wet with fresh water, have a leave in/oil or hydrating treatment. Rinse after being in salt or chlorine.
  • Never apply conditioner or treatment on bonds of extensions
  • Always use leave in conditioner/treatments or oil

LOVELOXX RECOMMENDS USING salon professional products that don't contain sulfates, parabens or proteins.

the treatments we recommend are:

  • Keune design range Repair Treatment (contains no protein )  
  • Moroccanoil Hydrating treatment.  
  • Evo Fabuloso repair (contains no protein) conditioner base.

these are products we have tested and our extensions love them!


  • NO supermarket/chemist shampoos conditioners or ‘leave in’ treatments
  • NO excessive swimming
  • NO sleeping with your hair out
  • NO ironing on the bond
  • NO conditioner on the bond
  • NO bleaching or lightening
  • NO repair/strengthening/protein products
  • NO excessive touching of the bonds (the oil in your skin will cause the extensions to slip out)
  • NO purple shampoo or toning unless in salon
  • NO excessive heat styling
  • Do not leave hair wet